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Welcome to MTSD - we provide maritime courses, simulation and e-learning

SIMAC has joined forces with Svendborg Søfartsskole on the common course platform MTSD.dk (Maritime Training of Southern Denmark).

The goal: To be Danish shipowners’ preferred Maritime Training Centre – and to become an important course provider in Northern Europe.

To achieve this, MTSD offers all types of training programmes in the maritime sector. We offer everything from technical courses to specialised vessel courses and courses in management and operations management. Further, we offer tailored courses targeted specifically at the maritime industry.

We boast a large capacity in all disciplines that allows us to fully meet most training needs. This includes five full-mission bridge simulators, two full-mission engine room simulators as well as various other simulators for specific competence training.

We are continuously up to date with the latest developments in technical, academic and educational knowledge and practice and we collaborate closely with many private and public enterprises and keenly aware of the public requirements and the needs of the business community. 

We are proud to announce that we have reached an agree-ment with Doulgerof & Lamberg on the delivery of:

Market-leading special courses aimed at the maritime- and offshore sector.

The collaboration will deliver high-end solution to costumers where “Doulgerof & Lamberg” provide the scientifically validated methods, and SIMAC Training provide the facilities and technical solutions for the training.

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