Operation and Watchkeeping – Engine Facilities


Duration: 2,5 days

The purpose of the course in “Operation and Watchkeeping – Engine Facilities” is to train the participant to be able to handle the function of on-duty engineer, as specified in the STCW Code.

After the course, the participant will understand and have competencies to handle the position as on-duty engineer, including having learned about different scenarios, effective communication and teamwork.

The course is practice oriented.

The exercises take place primarily in SIMAC's full-mission engine room simulator. SIMAC has several graphical simulators that can be used in preparation for the next exercise in our full mission engine room simulator.

The course contains the following topics:

  • The duties of the watchkeeping officer
  • Operation of primary and auxiliary engines in normal and non-normal situations
  • Troubleshooting
  • Watchkeeping documentation
  • Transfer of watchkeeping duties

The course is aimed at both newly qualified Engineers and Engineers who have been away from the maritime profession for a period and who need to be updated on the subject of operation and watchkeeping in mechanical engineering.


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Accommodation near Svendborg International Maritime Academy:

Accommodation is arranged and paid by the client/course participant. SIMAC has attractive pricing arrangements with several good hotels in Svendborg and the surrounding area. 

Hotel Svendborg: Phone: +45 6221 1700,   www.hotel-svendborg.dk
Hotel Ærø: Phone: + 45 6221 0760   http://www.hotel-aeroe.dk/

Danhostel Ferievandrerhjem: Phone: + 45 6221 6699   http://www.danhostel-svendborg.dk/
Hotel Troense: Phone: + 45 6222 5412   http://www.hoteltroense.dk/

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