§7 Organisation and Execution of Lifeboat and Fire Drills (Tilrettelæggelse og afvikling af båd- og brandøvelser)


Duration: 1 day (choose on site or online)


The “§7 – Organisation and execution of lifeboat and fire drills” course teaches the participant how to organise and execute maritime lifeboat and fire drills.

The course provides broad knowledge ranging from national and international requirements for the ship organisation in catastrophes to inspiration for expedient behaviour and crisis drills during daily routines at sea.

The course is intended for officers, managerial catering staff and other personnel who, according to the ship’s safety muster lists, are responsible for the safety of the ship and its passengers.

After completing course, the participant will have the skills and understanding of the principles and practices for managing maritime boat and fire drills.

The course meet the training requirements pursuant to Section 7 of the Danish Maritime Authority’s order on special training and qualifications requirements for personnel on passenger ships (Executive Order No. 391 of 22 April 2014).


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