Advanced Course for officers serving on oiltankers and chemical tankers

2 days online assessment, incl. feedback (double seat)

Assessment of suitability for promotion for maritime leaders (primarily CO, 2 Eng and Offshore Supervisors)

Validated functional profiles for navigators and engineers at all levels

Assessment of the complex and dynamic relationship between personality, cognitive capacity, social and self-regulating skills, situational judgement and leadership potentials

Personal reports, identification of personal development areas, creation of personal action plans

Interviews, psykometric and semi-projective tests, individual tasks, autobiography, leadership dilemma cases, roleplay exercises, observation


1 participant (navigator, engineer or offshore supervisor)

1 psychologist with a minimum of 20 years of experience with assessment for promotion programmes from the Maritime and Offshore industry (container, supply, tankers, platforms), and with backgrounds as leaders and military officers

When signing up for online courses you accept that you e-mail address is shared with the other delegates on the course.


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