§16 Safety and Health Working Environment (SIMAC)


Duration: 3 days


The “Section 16. Safety and Health Working Environment” course ensures that the course participant, as a member of the safety group, has completed the requisite OSH course, as specified in the Danish Maritime Authority’s A, chapter XI, on safety work on merchant ships.

This course is mandatory for members of the safety organisation on board merchant vessels registered in Denmark.

After completing the course, the participant will understand the practical function as a member of the safety group. The course participant will know how he/she should work together with others to promote a safe and healthy working environment on board merchant vessels.

The training complies with the Danish Maritime Authority’s requirements on Safety Activities on board merchant ships, pursuant to Act No. 846 of 25/06/2018. https://www.retsinformation.dk/Forms/R0710.aspx?id=201213.

All course materials are in English.

As a principal rule all courses are held in Danish, but if there is 1 foreign participant, the course will always be held in English.


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