Advanced Course for officers serving on oiltankers and chemical tankers

Online course - 1 day

Course start 16 November 2020

This online course covers the "International Maritime Solid Bulk Cargoes (IMSBC) Code", including application, requirements for ship and cargo, as well as the use of the code in connection with sailing with bulk cargoes. The requirements of the Code are mandatory in accordance with the provisions of the SOLAS Convention.

This course is aimed at shipping companies, shipping agencies and freight forwarders, as well as ship officers who work with loading and unloading of bulk cargoes.

During the course, dangers for ships, incl. structural damage due to incorrect load distribution, loss of or reduction of stability during the voyage, as well as chemical reactive loads are being covered.

There are no prerequisites for participation in this course, but it is essential that participants have access to an IMSBC - code during the course.

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