Duration:  5 days (½ day online assessment, 4 days physical attendance, ½ day online feedback) 


Functional profiles for maritime leaders

Assessment of Human Factors and Technical Factors

Personal reports, identification of personal development areas, creation of personal action plans

Enhancement of action orientation towards minimizing number of mistakes and improving safety onboard

Strengthening of the ability to interact efficiently with the environment (bridge/engine room)

Feedback of quantified data to the organisation


Simulator exercises, individual and group tasks, psykometric and technical tests, interviews, dilemma cases, observation and ongoing feedback

6 – 8 participants (navigators/engineers)

1 technical instructor (CPT or CE)

1 psychologist who is a former Master Mariner and ex-Army First Lieutenant

1 Chief Psychologist and ex-Army Major with 20 years of experience within Maritime Psychology


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Admission requirements

Preferably, course participants hold certificates for their respective positions on board.

The course complies with the standards of Sections A-II/1 and A-II/2 of the STCW Code inclusive Manila amendments.



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