Advanced Polar Course

Advanced Course for officers serving on oiltankers and chemical tankers

Duration: 3 days (1 day online, 2 days at SIMAC)

  • Advanced Polar Course, is aimed at masters, chief mates and other navigation officers working on ships operating in polar waters covered by the provisions of the Polar Code.

    The course is conducted in accordance with the requirements of the IMO's Polar Water Manual, and after completing a satisfactory course, a certificate is issued for "Advanced Training for Ships Operating in Polar Waters". The course is approved by the Danish Maritime Authority, and covers training requirements as defined in STCW code A-V/4 and Model Course 7.12.

    It is a requirement that the participants in this course have completed a recognized Basic Polar Course, and have a minimum of 2 months approved sailing time on the bridge, at either a watch-going operational level or at management level in the polar area.

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